7 Reasons Why Scrapping Your Car Is Good For The Environment

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7 Reasons Why Scrapping Your Car Is Good For The Environment

7 Reasons Why Scrapping Your Car Is Good For The Environment

7 Reasons Why Scrapping Your Car Is Good For The Environment

7 Reasons Why Scrapping Your Car Is Good For The Environment

While it leaves you with the gap that only a newer vehicle could be able to fill, scrapping your vehicle can bring benefits directly to the environment. Companies involved in recycling old and sometimes brand used vehicles can are a key part of keeping the balance in between the resources we extract from the limited pool of resources on the planet and what we can reuse. If you’re thinking about recycling your vehicle, here are seven good reasons you should be happy about your decision and possibly even recommend this to your family and friends.


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  1. Recycling Means Fewer Metals Will Be Mined

Imagine a scenario in which the demand for automobiles (SUVs particularly) in the world continues to grow and a number of old cars are piled up in garbage dumps and no one cares about what comes the next. That means more metals must be extracted from earth’s surface to meet the demand for large vehicles, don’t you think? You don’t need to imagine it that is happening, it’s already taking place. Recycling these old vehicles release the pressure to pull more iron out of the earth. This saves lots of landscapes from being eroded in the process, which destroys the habitats of millions of animals (and often, their habitats too) as well.


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  1. The Energy Savings You Make Are Huge

Did we mention the amount of energy is required to complete the process of removing metal from the earth? You’re not surprised, a thorough study by CSIRO has disproved that it would cost around 200 megajoules to make an ounce of aluminum. In addition, if we were to consider how much of the car’s weight is due to only metals it’s quite a bit of power used to produce. If there’s already the metal on the surface, there is no energy that is lost during the extraction and cleaning process, which can aid in keeping the lights on in the countries which require electricity imports.


  1. Lesser Pollutants

Older vehicles, allowed to decay in the places they are parked, can be a bit of a visual pollution. The fact that they reduce the value of the land on which they sit is a reason to be relocated elsewhere. Maybe to the crusher. If we want to keep our natural beauty of our environment it is necessary to remove these old jalopies out of the view and, ideally, reuse them to make more use of them.


  1. Make Way For The New

In the process of removing the old cars and introduce an influx of vehicles with higher power consumption. Hybrid cars consume less fossil fuel-based energy to travel around, which directly affects how much oil fracking necessary to keep businesses running. When more electric cars are driving the road than liquid fuel vehicles and the air will be more comfortable. The public won’t have to be concerned about wearing masks each time they leave the house which is what would happen in the event that we didn’t stumble upon the idea of using clean electric vehicles. It would surely be beneficial to not need to mine every bit of metal in order to make such an environmental system a possibility.


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  1. The Landfill Zero-Sum Game

If you recycle your vehicle, much of the scrap metal ends up being used to make toasters, washing machines and various other appliances we require. The final products particularly those that are not metal are reused to cover open-cast mine cavities that would have more metals be taken. The mines are left in the same condition as they were before the erratic digging started. Animals that were once exiled ultimately find shelter in abandoned landfills when they are ready.


  1. Safer Disposal Of Toxic Materials

Statistics show that each year, car recycling facilities gather enough toxic fluids from their subject to protect the earth from the equivalent of 8 Exxon Valdez Events. Based on the damages caused by one incident that has actually happened and was averted, it’s acceptable to grant the green light to the recycling of used vehicles. Even in tiny quantities, an oil spill from your car’s old location in your backyard could pose danger to your immediate surroundings as well as the curious children.


  1. Helps Others In Need

Everyone is part of the ecosystem and that’s why your car’s recycled tire rims are sold at a price that is lower than the new ones, you will have positively impacted their lives. For certain people, using old parts taken from old cars as an enjoyable pastime, for others it’s essential to make these components accessible for the seamless and sustainable continuation of other living their lives.


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There are many other indirect environmental benefits which result from the choice and conscious choice to recycle your vehicle. In terms of incentive, the hard cash you will earn from the transaction ought to be the main reason for you to make a call to scrapping and removal service providers to haul that vehicle away for recycling.


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